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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Blog: Oak Tree Baby

Dear Friends,
My new blog is finally almost ready, but you could already pop over to take a peek. That's what friends are for, my blog and I are work in progress, so we don't need to be perfect to be able to share. Come on over to Oak Tree Baby!

That is where I will be sharing all the parenting experiences and stories. And in this new blog, I would be looking for YOUR stories too. Parenting is tough and there are those who triumph over tough situations. So I would be looking out for those to feature on my blog because these are the type of stories that help others go on. So if you have something worthy, please don't be shy, tell me!!!

Another exciting thing this new blog offers is shopping! You would see childrens toys, accessories and character building resources for you and your family. Everything related to parenting and play would be housed under 1 roof. How neat is that? :)

Sharon's Lavender Courtyard would remain my journal where I will continue to share knick knacks of sorts. Messy, free, spontaneous, crazy, passionate stuff that I care for deeply daily. Do stop by to say hi here or at Oak Tree Baby okie? And, if you like my new blog and Oak Tree Baby/Face Book , tell others about it and let me know. I would love thank you personally. *wink*

Love always,