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Thursday, November 24, 2011

We are moving

In all sense of the word, we are moving.

I know I have been silent for a couple of months. Time flies isnt it? First, we were selling our house to move into a slightly bigger one, then our trusted helper decide to go home. And all in the midst where I was planning to move our parenting section of the blog to somewhere NEW!

So you can imagine the chaos literally. I was cooking, cleaning, teaching, managing the house hunt, cleaning, maid hunt, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. It has been about a month.

Life in transition is never fun, because one minute we are hopeful, the other we are not. Amidst the adjustments, I held on tightly what I could never do without, spending time with God and serving his people. Because when uncertain circumstances come, the only certainty we can rely on is God.

So pardon me while I have to get some stuff sorted out around the house. Soon and very soon, you should be able to see our new blog, new helper & new house. I think God is preparing us for a brand new year indeed!

ps: I still love to connect with you. Drop me an email!