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Friday, January 27, 2012

Our God is Greater - Chris Tomlin

When I sang this song in church, God impressed upon my heart. Deep inside everyone, there is a desire for someone to back them up, to say "well done", to stand for them.

Often times people fall into the trap of comparing and coveting. From insecurity comes fear. So people strive and try harder and harder to please men or to work their way up to others' standard to satisfy their fear.

But God would say in this song "I am greater, stronger, higher than any other, the healer, awesome in power. If I am for you, then who could stop you, if I with you, then what could stand against?"

Points people back to God, back to who he really is, back to trusting him, not others, not ourselves. Perhaps pleasing others is not hard thing to do, it is to quit pleasing ourselves; thinking we could work harder to prove ourselves better.

God loves you. He would open your eyes to see. Then you would be able to trust him and know that he is for you - no matter how small you feel or how big others look like. God alone is greater, stronger, higher and he is for you.