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Thursday, June 21, 2012

God of Jacob

Who is this God of Jacob?

Jacob's name means surplanter or deciever. Jacob was that self-willed, selfish businessman. Jacob stole his brother's birthright, cheated his dad and then was cheated by his Uncle in return. For 25 years Jacob ran away from his family. Time does not heal. It only pushes things further into the recesses of the heart and it got worse. But God was with him, not because he was good, but because God was good.

He was a man who wrestled with the angle until God touched him. God had to remove the strongest part of his body so that through nothing, he can be finally look to God for strength. It was symbolic of his tendency to rely on his natural strength and ability. Through brokeness, he was made whole. And his name is no longer Jacob but Israel.

I am convinced that we too have dip our hands, our eyes, our hearts, and our thoughts hence our time and energy that corrupts that which does not glorify. So like Jacob we are self-willed and selfish. Because God in his abundant grace does not bull-doze his way with us, we get into the habit of squandering our God-given freedom.

So in the attittude of humility, let God turn our eyes from evil. Give us pure hearts, let us not lift our souls to another. Let nothing be above the love we have for him. Let nothing from the past nor the present holds us down from being abandoned to God.

Revival can only start with us. Humility begets repentance, begets revival. Make this your prayer today and stand for ourselves and the generation.

Give Us Clean Hands

Capo 3
G   C 
G   C   D  G  
   (verse 1)
   G                  D
We bow our hearts, we bend our knees.
O Spirit come make us humble.
   G                D
We turn our eyes from evil things.
  C                      C
O Lord we cast down our idols.

So Give us clean hands
And Give us pure hearts
       Em                        C
Let us not lift our souls to another.
And Give us clean hands.
And Give us pure hearts.
          Em                    C
Let us not lift our souls to another.

              G                    D
Oh God let us be a generation that seeks.
               Em              C
Who seeks Your face, oh God of Jacob 

Em   D    C  

You're my God,  You're my God  

Em   D    C   Am  D  G
Oh oh 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shekinah Glory - Holy Spirit Increase

Have you ever felt like wanting to be engulfed by heaven so badly? I remembered I was in church one day and wanted to stand up on the chair and reach my hands into the sky ... all because I wanted so much to touch heaven. My spirit has already tasted heaven but my physical body hasn't yet caught up. And my heart would ache and ache and suddenly, I realised that must be how we pine for home.

Its amazing how we are only made whole in the Spirit, Mind, Soul and Body. God is more than good, he always desire to meet us to complete us. All we need is to wait on him. Only that the waiting can be so much more difficult in this age when everything seems to move at lightning speed.

You know, I have to say Lord, I am grateful. Grateful because I am a stay home mum and because I stay home I can control the pace and filter the amount of junk I recieve or not!

As I sat , late into the night at my laptop, soaked in the presence of the Lord, pondering upon things of the day and tossing about with Jesus. I felt a sense of heaven overcome me again. God told me "praise opens heavens" and I was pleased each time I praise, something happens in the heavenlies. He is such an awesome awesome God.

... for the various upheavals throughout the day.
The heart of being in hope, of pining and wanting to close a chapter of my life,
2 or 3 months in wanting, of searching, praying, perceiving and confusion at times,
a sudden situation that reminded me of not being the favourite child
an anxious heart that weighs upon a matter, and
a memory of long time ago revived

I say I can't get enough of your presence, presence
I say I need the release of the fullness of your spirit, so I say, Shekinah Glory come!
I need more..... more ... more....

Where his presence dwells, there is freedom..
peace... strength... courage... hope...

Enjoy this amazingly gentle yet anointed worship. He reigns forever. Wait for Him.