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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

we are like a moon

I learnt something powerful yesterday... "Like a moon, all human beings have a dark side, if we ignore it, it will overcome us. However if we own up to it and let God in, he will overcome it."

Saturday, January 07, 2006

David's niece and I - trying to have a quiet corner to ourselves. I don't think anyone would believe us.  Posted by Picasa
Last nite in Jakarta, 5 Jan 05 - celebrated with David's sister's family & kid. Who can resist this mouth-watering, earth-shattering ice-cream? Yummy! Posted by Picasa
Day 4 - On our way home. We saw a strange thing in the sky! Posted by Picasa
Back to Jakarta - in David's house. I was particularly drawn to the window grilles. I thot they looked beautiful? can't quite put my finger on the influence of this design though. Posted by Picasa
Day 3 - Dinner. Can you guess how much this plate cost? You'd never have guessed! only S$7. Succulent beef. ooooh, what can I say?  Posted by Picasa
Day 3 - West Java. Looks like heaven isn't it? Actually we were at the crater of an dormant volcana. There was a breeze and the thick fog came straight at us. And if you think we look cool, we were actually freezing cold. But for the sake of picture perfect, no jackets! We are crazeeee!!!! Posted by Picasa
and of course we can't resist taking a pic together! Seems like when we get older, we tend to like quieter places or rather a place where nothing seems to move very much!  Posted by Picasa
we arrived at this absolutely tranquil place. It was so beautiful & the air was so cool. I wish i could fall asleep right in the middle of the very Lush greeneries... hmmm... Posted by Picasa
looking for something? Posted by Picasa
on holiday in Jakarta 27 Dec 05 - trying to find strawberries is always a delight! Posted by Picasa