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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just chatting on healing

I was chatting with my almost 5yr old son today. He loves helping people. I believed he has a compassionate heart. I was given one too. Can't help it. All day long he talks about wanting to be in the "helping" professional. Doctors, paramedics, vet, fire fighter, police men and he qualifies that he wants to help others.

I remembered how I had wanted so badly to become a doctor when my sons were younger and fell ill. I had read every instruction on the medicine labels and instructional sheet (something I will never do, I don't read instructions. Period.) Then I will go on the internet and have each component/ingredient checked out. I could list some cold medicines, tell the difference and tell you why some works and some don't. Deep inside I just wished I was a doctor. But then, I have neither the brains nor the giftings to be one.

When God gifted me the gift of healing, I was overjoyed. I was able to minister to others and loved ones with God! I was so so grateful to be partnering the greatest Healer of all. This is grace, because I don't actually have the knowledge, but God does and he knows.

Recently I prayed for my mother in law who has had back pain for several months. After prayer, she was able to turn around without pain. She told us she is 60% better. I was happy for her. I love praying for the sick.

So when my son tells me that he wants to be a paramedic or a vet, I know God hears his utterance. God would use him the way he has gifted him. I like that my sons know that I go to the Healing Rooms to pray for the sick people.

The lives that we live is purposed though the gifts we give. I just really want to pass this on.

Right now, I am loving a very brand new book sitting on my desk. A more excellent way - Henry Wright. May God touch many more so that they know His ultimate love.