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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Today is like any one day

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The cleaning aunty told me today that she will be feeding the pet tortises and fishes with some biscuits that was thrown away by some staff.

Just 2 wks back she was pouring away coffee & tea, that were unfinished by some visitors and mumbled about the waste. I thought of how I might many times I waste too. I waste time – doing stuff that wasn’t neccessary, I waste money - giving in to impulses, I waste words by speaking unnecessarily etc. but there is one thing I know never goes to waste.

When I am grateful, I tell God. When I am fearful, I tell God. When I am sad, I tell God.
I think my most urgent prayers this year was for surgery. I could have prayed a thousand and one times, while going to bed, while traveling, while on the dentist chair, or while on the operation bed. It was a comfort knowing God never waste my prayer no matter how many times I go to him, and that is how our wonderful father is.

The cleaning aunty was so conscientious about her responsibility. And then it dawned on me that at least I know for sure forfeiting one day of our holiday and paying $10 penalty for that will also not go to waste. My husband & I figured that God is worth more than the beautiful holiday that we are going. It means giving up 1 day & 1 nite for God's presence ; it also means that even when others spend 3 days 2 nite & we only spent 1 day & 1 nite, it is still not a wasted trip. It means God is worth it, even when it cost.

"One day in the house of God is better than a thousand days in the world" came alive for us today. We are going for church prayer meeting tomorrow nite with the rest of our family church. :)


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A friend gave us a little card with a gift when their grp came over to our place for caregroup.I haven't watched a cartoon for some time, and in many ways i found this really cute. This pair of giraffes resembles my husband & me in many ways. We are less than ordinary folks, not perfect, often spotty in our characters, we get into fights but we always make up. I didn't know Giraffes walk on twos, but sometimes it is like that with us. We don't care if we look gawky, because we are so in love with one another. But most important of all, no matter what it takes, we always walk together, always in the same direction. Love - It is a many splendid thing.