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Thursday, June 02, 2011

First day in school!!

Not my kids, but for me! First day of school , daddy gave me a gift. Nope, it was a gift that was given a week ago, but it would be a gift that would be opened in school.

Through God's miraculous providence, I was able to attend school in this season of being a full time mum!!! How cool is that??? I thot God was cool and my husband was cool and my mum was cool, because all of them were in this WITH me!

my boys were taken to the kindy which my mum taught and spent the morning there, playing while daddy would take the afternoon off to work from home while caring for them. So there you go, stay-home-daddy for a season! Woots!! Cool daddy of world! :))

So, first day of school @ School of Supernatural Ministry! (Woo hooo - my dream school!) Keith Ferrante would release words of prophecy over people he felt led to in the class. And with each prophecy that was being released, i would suddenly feel the great love of God upon that person. Tears would gush out and I thot it would stop, but it didn't, my heart felt the great great love of God, for EVERY prophecy that he would release on different people. In the end, I was just so overwhelmed with the Love of God for all the people that my tears were pouring forth so much. God then used those moments to so gently teach me to love his people and understand his love, all the while experience his love for his people. God's love is so large & magnificent, that it cannot be contained in a human being.

Afterwards, A song "daddy's proud of you" was being played and I hear God telling me he loved me, not to my mind, because I already knew that, but to my heart! Oh, God would pour out his love for me and tell me that he is proud of me. I was So so touched, by then a dam has broken out and I cried and cried like I was going to flood the room. And then, I was transformed. My identity was made whole. Oh, that was freedom for me.

Subsequent sessions in the later day, we were doing prophetic activation under the another teacher, Elaine Eleazer and I found myself used as a vessel to release words of prophecies to one, and to another, and to another! People were crying, people were encouraged, but I was so so blessed in returned! Prophecy releases LOVE into another person's lives and build them up! I remember God called me to be a builder and I am So in love with this amazing new gift God has given me.

I wanted to thank the Lord for breaking a mindset that only certain people of certain spirituality could receive this gift. But the Lord would say, just covert it, with no conditions bound to it. What God does is instead of do this, do that and then you can do this and that, is that he pours forth his mighty love and grace. In receiving his love and amazing grace, we are set free to do his will and will not be compelled to do what will grieve him. It becomes as natural as that.

There is simply no striving, no working out in the flesh as we operate in his gift. I find that super super liberating. And for that split second I was walking on clouds!! I was so so excited.

I began to remember when God called me to a dance in my dreams. My loving Father in heaven so wants to set me free, he so wants me to dance. I began to remember the times I would praise and worship him once my boys falls asleep at night and the hunger pangs that would set in my spirit, and I would want to fly into heaven with him. I would remember the times when I see illness in my family, or myself or in others and think, there ought to be a better way. I would remember the burden I feel for people who are walking around with a form of godliness, yet without the power and I would say, there ought to be a better way. I long to see restoration, powerful victorious living, people set free, healing, God's love poured down abundantly.

And God would honour that little pockets of thoughts I had in private (but now not so anymore i guess!) and take me along this Journey. As Elaine taught, it is easy to receive the gift, but we would need time to let it mature. I pray that the Lord would really prune and shape me in his own image. I am made powerful in him, released to be a greater blessing to others!

Ps: What I experienced, you can have it too. You can see miracles happening in your daily lives, if you would believed. Supernaturally natural, and naturally supernatural. It is a lifestyle!

Matthew 5:6 "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled."

Col 2: 10
and you have been given fullness in Christ, who is the head over every power and authority"

John 14: 12 tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

Glory glory glory to him!