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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prince or Pauper?

Are you a prince or pauper?

Our identity in Christ is a simple thing to the mind. We know in our head that we are sons and daughters, and we inherit everything God would have for us, yet many of us live in contrary to what we think we know!

Just imagine if we are the royal Prince William or Kate Middleton of England. How would we live our lives?

Our identities has an impact on our sphere of influence; at the marketplace, our homes, our mission fields and more. It would matter if we are wives, or a boss, or an employee. It would matter if we are at the cross-road, handling in a crisis, or in health. Our identities matters.

Get a more-than-conquerors mindset! Get a royalty mindset. It would impact the way we parent. ( I just had to specially mention this since this is my key sphere of influence!)

Take this test by Kris Vallotton's ministry to find out!