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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Miry Clay

We're a little dirty
a little grey,
ignored, stepped on
spotted only by the few occassions

most of the times we are soft
left alone, we become hard
people say that we are pliable, some people say we're nuts

its funny how we get called all sorts of name until someone picked us up
"You are actually quite useful, but only if I show you how
You are also very valuable, but only if you let me tell."

so we stood in wonder contemplating this strange encounter
he said how amazing life can be, once moulded, rekindled, reshaped
through the furnance, refined in the fire

He was the potter, a master of grace
While we were still scorned, spotty & evidently cranky
he picked us up, gave us a name, a unique identify we call our own

through fire we each enter, it was astounding how things became from miry clay to diamonds we shone.

though it was hard to comprehend, we found out much later, it was cuz we, the miry clay was born and to be in need & made useful in the hands of our loving potter.

(2 cor 4:1-7)
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