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Saturday, March 05, 2005

fills, feels, fellas! (dedicated to my husband)

Dancing in the moonlight of notes and melody
I didn't know that God too is in the fills!

Come and join me, fly together my love
be with me

sing, let's sing him a song
Dance shall we? dance to his tempo
today the Lord of Lords we sing
see even the glass-stained window offered its tint

a song to sing
from the heart it begins

the fills so lovely, so pure and heavenly it seems

today I found out, God too is in the fills!

(story beind the fills: I was struggling with my playing last week as i knew that my trouble lies in the fills. I slept late and woke up early to play, seeking the Lord to help me. Today I was in a keyboard lesson and I experienced the beautiful sound of fills! It is like the spontaniety of waves colliding with the cool refreshing water in a hot summer's day. One word - Awesome!)