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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Good Friday Just Passed

new born baby - Jonathon Posted by Hello

I visited my friend, whose little daughter of 6 years old has just passed away the day before. When I heard the news, I was shock as it was too sudden for me! Ser Li was born with an acute growth disorder. At 6yrs old, she is still lying in bed. I felt sad and altogether down. I visited her daughter’s wake on Good Friday. She told me, she died of pneumonia and complications. Little Ser Li had been in the hospital moving from ICU to high dependency ward and back to ICU within the 2 weeks she was there.While tears streamed down my face uncontrollably, my friend was surprisingly calm. I had to keep apologising for my tears which I feared might not be good for her.

Then she told me “actually the Lord told me 1 year ago that he is going to take little Ser Li back. I couldn’t believe what I heard, so I denied it. During the same period, my mentor came to me and said that she heard the Lord in her spirit, that God will take Ser Li back. She said she’s not sure too but ask me to ask the Lord. At that time, I cried because I know it’s a confirmation from the Lord. I cried out to God so may times not to take my girl. In that one year, every time Ser Li fell sick, I would fear for the time she has to go. So I battled within myself and prayed to the Lord, and crying out to him not to take her. I started to bargain with God. I told him, I will serve him anywhere and do anything if only he let Ser Li stay with me. But God reminded me that nothing belong to us anyway, and Ser Li is also his child whom he love. He also reminded me not to lean on my own understanding and in all ways acknowledge him and he will make my paths straight. His ways are higher than our ways.”

She continued,“Life continued, until my mentor came to me again and said to me, “Not to worry, God will bless you with another child. At that moment I do not know how to feel as I was too engross in Ser Li.As my husband and I only have a 10% chance of having a normal baby genetically, the thought of having another baby is far-fetched. We are worried that our second baby will not be normal again and hence a bigger blow to us.”

“However, after awhile, I was found to be pregnant! In the midst of struggling and crying out to the Lord for Ser Li’s life, I finally told God, that if he needs to take Ser Li away, he needs to give me alot alot of grace and mercy. I cry out to God to take her only after my baby is born. Because I am pregnant now, it is difficult for me to cope with this emotionally and physically. In the hospital, the Lord did a mighty work. A girl who was in the hospital bed next to Ser Li was in the hospital because of fits and was in a coma. My pastor visited Ser Li and asked the mother of the girl if she like to be prayed for. She agreed. When he prayed “In Jesus Name, wake up”. The little girl’s eyes peered open. One day later, she woke up, and both mother and child received Jesus into their lives! "

Last year in Dec, I gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy. We named him Jonathon. Shortly after he was born, baby Ser Li fell ill and then she finally went back to the Lord, just as God had heard my cries. Many friends proclaimed that Ser Li did not die in vain, she saved 2 souls before going to heaven!" It was precisely with Jesus in our lives that physical death only means that Ser Li has entered the eternal life that Jesus gave. With that, we are greatly comforted. Jesus fulfilled what he said when he said, “I came so that you may have life abundantly” Life in Jesus means abundantly meaningful, here on earth and also eternal life with him in heaven.

I was full of awe at the Lord’s graciousness towards my friend. Without the grace and love of God, there is no way she can be so calm and peaceful in the face of hardships. Without the Lord’s preparation, she would never had remained so strong and full of hope in life. Truly the Lord honoured her heart and performed so many miracles. Jesus never short changed anyone. He died on Good Friday but risen on Easter Day, and because he has risen, we also rose with him. Praise the Lord for his love & goodness!