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Monday, March 07, 2005

Birthday Greeting Log - Thank You!!!

2 am - happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you
[David, my honey long distance call from U.S]

5.15am - Happy Birthday! May this day b special 4 u. Ove and kisses
[Ling Yong, good friend in Jakarta, sms]

8am - Sharon, flowers n a bear hug... wishing u a swell day as u celebrate uniquely Sharon.
[choon yuen, friend in church, sms bear & flower pic msg]

10.33am - Happy birthday to u, happy birthday to u, happy birthday to Sharon, have a blessed birthday! May God's blessing falls upon u abundantly!
[Jing Yi, good friend in S'pore, sms]

3.24pm - happy birthday to a kindred spirit! Hope its a wonderful day for you. "Once we are strangers, now we are strange friends!"
[rebecca, good friend & previous sheep in S'pore, ecard]

3.29pm - Always welcome the new day with a new spirit, a smile on your face, love in your heart & good thoughts in your mind. Your dream will come true. Have a happy & blessed birthday. from papa, mama, pin2, cihu, cika
[my beloved in-laws in jakarta, sms]

5pm - Recieved surprised flowers
[friends from PR agency in S'pore]

8pm - let Jesus guide you in all ur plans in all ur dreams, in all u wish tohappen in ur life. God bless you jie jie, hepi b'day.
[Sien sien, my sweet cousin in Jakarta, pic sms]

11pm - Happy Birthday, May God bless you abundantly.
[Dasmon, my previous CL in S'pore, sms]