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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Re-casting our anxiety

Beautiful melody and amazing presence of God this song brings.

Today, my helper forgot to bring my sons' pull-over to church. I was upset at her forgetfulness as this was a no-brainer weekly duty.

Because the worship room and classroom were really cold with air-conditioned, I was fearful that my sons would fall sick due to the cold as they are usually prone and my older son's history of complication with respiratory issues. In my fear, I felt upset. And I thought about the hectic schedule we are having this week with my bazaar and the following week when my husband and I would be away from my boys. Honestly, I sensed my anxiety rising slowly but surely.

Every rhyme and reason tells me I have the right to vent or give her a peace of my mind, but in that instant, I choose to re-cast my anxiety upon the Lord. There is nothing I could do to change what was done. As we sat in the taxi heading towards church, I felt absolutely sick to the stomach & inadequate, I prayed anyway with all that my heart could muster, "God, please be the blanket of warmth and cover both my boys today. Give them strength and build them up. Thank you Lord."

After service, I picked up my son. His hands were freezing cold. But guess what, the Lord DID hug him and preserve him. He told me it was cold, but not too cold. :))) thank God.

And this song, when we sang this song during worship, this was me giving my anxiety to him. God is so faithful. :) Thank God, Praise him & bless him.

If you have an area of need, or if it may be someone else's shortcoming that causes your fall, let us not point our fingers but re-cast our anxiety upon the Lord. May God strengthen you. He is a God that cares for you, your shield, your strength, your portion, deliverer, your shelter, strong tower, your very present help in time of need. He is your over comer as he is mine.