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Sunday, April 11, 2010

It must go on

Havent we all found ourselves stuck in a situation and for the good of it, told ourselves "It must go on?" I have found our family in the midst of a mini crisis and yet again "home learning must go on!". This is one of the "down side" to home learning. We were mindful of this when we stepped onto the water of homeschooling our little ones. Fortunately, our take on learning is not confined to a classroom or even a set of curriculum, worksheets or lesson drills! (Not that we do any of these on better days, but can you imagine if it did!) Proves that home learning can be more resistant than thought eh?

So we say, "what the heck, no helper? Laugh and let live! Face the giant squarely in the eye, learn to breathe and relax even when hair chokes up the toilet sink, piles of laundry to be done almost everyday and that I'm up everyday at 6.30am... ZzzzZZZZZZZZZzzz, Oops, did I just doze off... haha ... ok I woke up in time to finish this post.

Well, this is a short one for obvious reasons. What are we learning tomorrow? My eldest boy has additional responsibility as a little housework helper role next to mummy. We can be joyful, even in this time of lack. What a great lesson indeed. Thank You God! :)

Just for the fun of it, these are a list of things we laugh about in our first week of going maid-less.
1) a bowl broke while we were washing it, probably out of touch!
2) forgotten to put detergent into the washing machine - Wash again!
3) forgotten to put meat into baby's porridge - Heck, declare vegeterian for that day
4) What's that poo-poo smell we still smell after we wash our tot? - Poo-poo still in the potty!
5) meat dish overturned and everything was ON THE FLOOR - er... let's say we think the floor is clean, so scope everything up and eat it!
6) Mould, mould everywhere, on baby's t-shirt, on tot's t-shirt - ok bleach it, we gain some extra white t-shirts.
7) What's for lunch? too tired to cook, just go out and buy.
8) what's for lunch again? Hmmm... let's just go swensons. Opps we missed the 1-for-1 deal. Forget it, just pig out!

What a ride! :0)