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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Selfish Giant

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Loving musicals since little, I've always wanted another excuse to go watch and experience the wonderful sights and sounds of theatrical performances. Having a child is one. And I am still waiting.

We will be moving into our new place soon, we were watching our budget from renovations down to design. Good budgeting however does not mean that things should look oh-so-shabby or that a riot of colours can reign as they like. We spent quite abit of effort to make sure of that.That day our new neighbour's little boy came over to have a look at our half-done up house. He looked every way like an inquisitive and restless 5 year old, and may I add, has an air of nothing-gets-in-my-way else I will knock-it-down look. I was trying to look fearless, half trying to befriend my new friend and half wishing he would go home quickly! Half obliging a smile, the little boy pounced on my new sofa just when I turned the corner. My heart skipped a beat. Our sofa cushion, made of fabric sat on a strong teak wood looked steady as ever. I glanced over and saw a piece of plastic sheet still intact, it not only protected the pale coloured fabric inside but also my frail heart. I grasp that moment to console myself, but wondered how long that plastic would be there. It really wasn't any solution.

Back in my old house, everything looked worn and familiar. I only started to notice a half-painted pipe the other day in the washroom and it was a sheepish job at that. I wondered why I haven't seen it before having lived there for at least 6 years now. I thought to myself, my old neighbouhood had consist of grown-ups, well mannered professionals, the youngest were teenagers, and you can tell they were a product of good family upbringing. We exchange polite "hi's" and "how's your day" without delving too much into personal space. It looked like a peaceful and harmonious neighbourhood. What a shame, I thought to myself, I would have allowed any kids to come in and pounce around. Pity no kids were around.
Actually, that really wasn't a problem.

"He saw a most wonderful sight. Through a little hole in the wall the children had crept in, and they were sitting in the branches of the trees. In every tree that he could see there was a little child. And the trees were so glad to have the children back again that they had covered themselves with blossoms, and were waving their arms gently above the children's heads. The birds were flying about and twittering with delight, and the flowers were looking up through the green grass and laughing. It was a lovely scene, only in one corner it was still winter."

And so the selfish Giant realise his wintery heart and was no longer selfish . As a result his garden now experiences Spring! And even if the plastic sheet on the sofa sheet were to come off in time and little hand prints are found on them, may it be unto my new family and I that we will always beckon people with welcoming hearts, for all folks big or small, clean or unclean, polite or impolite, and always have an open door to make friends for Christ.

~ The End ~

The Selfish Giant presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre - The Little Company, will be screened from 5-30 Jul 2006 @ DBS Arts Centre - Home of SRT

The Selfish Giant is a beautifully adaptation of the much-loved story by Oscar Wilde.
Famous for his adult plays (The Importance of being Ernest, An Ideal Husband) Oscar Wilde was also a poet, dreamer and above all, a storyteller. Initially written by Wilde for his own children, this enchanting story with songs promises both adult and children a delightful time at the theatre.
In this play, love conquers all and melts the cold heart of an unjust giant, who finally repents after discovering the joy of loving others.
A play for 3 - 8 years old. (and adults!)
Tickets are available at all SISTIC outlets or 63485555.


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