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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The fallen bread

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Few weeks ago, during the time of the Lord's supper during a church service, I looked over and saw David holding a cup with a thoroughly soaked piece of bread in the cup. Very quickly, I looked at him and assume his itchy fingers had a part to play in this embarassing predicament he got himself into. I immediately shot a question to him to him quietly but not so gently "Why did you do that?". To which he replied. "I figured no one will pick this cup on the communion tray as the bread had fallen into the cup, and soaked. So I pick this instead." Looking at the cup with the fallen bread in it, I realised that the lesson of the fallen bread is for me and not David. So quick to pass judgement, I reacted only to what my sinful eyes see. David's act of kindness, no matter how small and unseen by others, bears the true mark of sacrificial servanthood. It was a significant encounter for me and God. I repented.


annam said...

Beautiful post :) and thanks for your comment!