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Monday, April 25, 2011

victory stories in a mum's life!

Something that made me extremely happy and blessed is when someone experiences victory in his/her life.

As a stay home mum, it is so easy to get drown by the mundane chores and not see what the King sees. I see home as a Palace court. When Moses was plucked out from the waters (River), sister Miriam ran to get a mid-wife for the baby Moses who "happens" (Is there any coincidences??) to be Moses's mother. She was PERFECT for baby Moses, not for any qualifications she has or don't possess. She was THE perfect carer, simply because she IS the Baby's mother!!! Have you thought about how priviledged that was? How honourable was it for God's chosen servant? The worthy most humble Moses was cared for by HIS own mother!

Today, You are the chosen Mother for your child. Do you know that nothing you do or have done will make you more or less qualified than you already are. No matter how many degrees would make you over qualified, neither does the un-schooled are under qualified. Isn't that liberating?

I learnt that when we start to give thanks in the palace court that God has given us, we began to clothe our spirits with the protection of God. Praise helps to detract deceptions in our lives, because we acknowledge God's providence for us, and because of that, there is no lack, no discouragements, no defeat.

keeping stock of victories helps focus our eyes on our victory-giver. We are the bearer of his victory blessings. if you are not seeing victory, or seeing too little victories in your life as a mother, make this your prayer today, say to the Lord, "Keep it coming Lord, keep it coming Lord, more victories, so you name could be lifted high. Thank you Lord!"

I love these victory points that my dear friend, Dee shared with me. And she has so kindly given me the permission to share this here.

1. Dot gives her little teddy to another baby. She is learning to share at this young age.
2. Dot can speak a lot of words, more than 20 words, now even difficult words like caterpillar, elephant.
3. Dot can run around easily without panting..cos she walks probably at around 1K every day.
4. She says bye to almost every person after she leaves or someone leaves the lift.
5. She loves reading or loves to have us read to her.
6. She said "Amen" after every prayer I make. I pray for her every day, almost everytime I breastfeed her.
7. She enjoys playing with other children and does not snatch other people's toy.
8. I am still breastfeeding her.
9. She is a happy and healthy baby.

Bless you, Dee! May you soar from one mountain after another mountain with God. ;)