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Saturday, July 09, 2011


I have recently experienced disappointment. Have you experienced disappointment before? And there, deep down there is sadness but once it hits bottom, there is anger and the deeper the disappointment , the greater the anger. Particularly if it was a disappointment from a person who is close.

Jesus never promised a road that is without trouble, but he says that in every trouble HE IS THERE WITH US. I find that so comforting. I find the Lord storing all our tears in the bottle meant that he cares for our pain.

The trouble is that we sometimes put our hope in a person more than we should put our hope in Christ. People will let us down. But Christ is faithful, he sees us, he knows our every move. He alone is more loving, more for us than anyone in the world. He alone would never forsake us in our weaknesses.

What people are not, Christ is. He alone is.

Put your Hope in Him. He will Never Fail you.


Dee said...

I hope you are better now! :) We fail, people fail but He never fails!