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Monday, November 01, 2010

Out of the woods

After a bout of sickness with our 2 boys, with one being admitted to the hospital and the other not poo-pooing for four days, and mummy's voice gone! There is no way mummy could do any read-alouds. Mummy needed to rest, so there was no way kids are going outdoors.

Fortunately, things will change tomorrow. Both boys are officially out of the woods! And mummy is still working on hers.

I'm sure the boys missed their outdoor time. Tomorrow, mummy is planning yummy apple pancake for breakfast, topped with whipped cream. Then we will be off to our playground. Yeah! And just for this month, mummy will have to go to the library alone (without the boys). Because mummy is still technically unwell so will not be able to tag 2 boys out.

During this time of being indoors alot, my elder boy learnt what to do when someone has a fever. Sponging.

He learnt that when someone is not well, that means she needs to rest.

KB also learnt that even though he wants stories to be read, he can't, because mummy is having a cough and can't do it. So KB has to wait for daddy to come home for his dose of daily read- alouds.

It was a nice way of learning about putting others first, and caring for others even though we also have our wants met.

What happened with our usual "outdoor" time was taken up by the boys playing by themselves indoors and creating lots of make-believe, although KB still asks for art and craft everyday.

Mummy still have plenty to cover and a super Christmas themed preparation to do with the boys, and we are honestly running late! But well, like I said, at least they are out of the woods with some real take home lessons at such.