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Thursday, October 28, 2010

For 3 days

Christ rose on the 3rd day, Jonah was in the belly of a whale for 3 days, thought, word, and deed, complete the sum of human capability and lastly, 3 represents the fullness of God, the Triune God; the Father, the son and the holy spirit as in Ephesians 3:19. A complete man is found also with spirit, soul and body.

I was merely reminded of what number three signifies in the Bible as I was held 'captive' by my lack of voice for 3 days. Because of a viral that was going on in my family, I soon succumbed to it and went through just 1 day of cough before I totally lose my voice.

I never knew how much I had taken for granted the good things I have, until now. I used to complain that my voice was not good enough , I can't sing like a singer and I can't sustain the stamina required of a singer. But now, I learnt to thank God simply that I have a voice.

On the first day I lost my voice, I realised how quickly patience come over me as I related with my children, if I could hold my tongue back. Now that I don't have a choice, I had to learn it the hard way.

On the second day, a lizard jumped onto me! And I screamed in terror, but no voice would be heard. My husband who was in the bedroom did not hear me. And for the first time, no one came to my rescue when I was 'attack' by a lizard. (my helper said I scare the lizard, but I'm sure I was the one being scared out of my wits!)

On the third day, I heard a really wonderful worship song and my spirit welled up in an inspiration to sing unto the Lord. Yet, no sound came out of my mouth. This is the moment , I felt what Jonah felt. "Lord, I will do your will. I will be thankful for my voice and use it for your glory. Lord, just will you let me out of the belly of this whale? (my version: Give me my voice back?)

I borrow a phase in Tchivdjian's book Surprised by Grace The fish’s belly was not Jonah’s prison or death chamber, but only a temporary hospital for his soul and protection for his body from the ocean depths. It’s good for Jonah to be here. God ensures that his unworthy servant is made fully aware of this undeserved deliverance.”

Well, for whatever it is worth, I'm glad I am safe from the lizard. God surely has something in mind for me. It is now, for me to find out.