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Monday, December 07, 2009

Yr 2009 - We are thankful

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Another year that wouldnt have gone without a trace of of God's gentle embrace.

The birth of Elias just three days short of yr2009 was a joy, for us and also for our eldest son, Theo. He immediately assumed the role of a big brother. It is joy for us to see his servanthood spirit. Looking on at the way they snuggle up each other is joy so immense no words can describe.

It is also a year of 'the last lap'. Despite our newborn, David had to persevere and fight through work pressure, ministry role and numerous obligatory business trips to wrap up his ministerial studies. He aced it through with grace. He was ever selfless in serving our family, from spending time with the boys, to cooking up a feast. I thank God for his unwavering spirit.

Each child are special thus making each challenge unique. From refusal to nurse to refusal of bottle. We don't have all the answers in the countless situations, but we have a God who love. Through harrowing are some of the events, but God was the one who held the fort for us, fought our battles and gave us courage to go on. He is the one who lightened our footsteps and gave us songs to sing.

God chose to test our family in a rare holiday trip. We realised that it is in true repentance and submission that he will grant rest. He took and he gave and we were so grateful.

There are many others whom we do not have space to show photos of, especially of family members we often take for granted for.

For my mum who often took time out to babysit our children so we can go for a date, or attend to ministry. For her selfless care in our children's nutritional needs and lending her car so the children can have a comfortable ride home, even if it was only 5mins away!
For my brother, who equally took time to babysit and be an musical inspiration to Theo.

For my friend & mentor, Melodi - God orchestrated this friendship and I am so grateful of her time and wisdom. God answered my desire to be a better helpmeet, a wise mother and a godly homemaker.
For David's mentor, Pastor S - He is an answer to his cry to be used as a man of God & bring him glory.

For our dear Sis Kian - You ignited a love for history in me never found before. I want to travel with you to Jerusalem or the Red Sea, just name the date!

For Fey, Grace, Lynette & many more - You were the faithful hands that held mine.

For our superb confinement lady - so good, it was peace through the 1-month confinement.


ds said...

You are really my superhero. You have given so much to our family. I couldn't have done it without you.

dr_bristow said...

Sharon, I love your 2009 slideshow. Your boys are precious!

popuri said...

Thanks Dr. Bristow, havent heard from you for awhile! Hope things are keeping well with you!