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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why must I be so broke at year end?

Sigh... I have spent $600 on medical fees alone. That includes 2 boxes of Seretide accuhaler priced at $295.60 for 2 tubes, and singulair tablets at $103.04 per box! My Flow volume spirometry test at $63.00 and consultation at $55.00 plus other cough related medications. Why is Singapore's medical fees really so out of reach by ordinary folks like me? Is good health-care suppose to be only the elite top 20% of the polulation?

Then there is the halogen oven that is on sale at $70 that I have been eyeing forever - I dream of baking and roasting and more. But more important I wanted to let my kiddo finally have a hand at real cooking. There is the Nike sale going at 20-50%. And I am still waiting for the insurance, CPF board and the hospital to finally send me the final invoice so they could debit the $6K bill into our account.

No, in case you are wondering. I don't get a bonus, and I still wanna give to those less priviledged.

This Christmas, Jesus came so that we might live. But then I guess I could take comfort that I am rich in heaven though a church mouse on earth. ;P Anyone wants to join me?