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Sunday, August 26, 2012

'Creation' craft (for 3yr-old)

In my attempt to teach the concept of "creation" to a 3-yr-old. My goal was to make it very simple, fun, hands-on,memorable and can be played over and over again.

So I looked over my NIV Bible for the days of creation and came up with a visual concept. Then I used
for sequence and reference, and then looked for similiar coloured paper to cut out.

Below are the instructions for the craft.

I tore the papers to create LAND for both sides of the paper.
cut out blue SKY, leaving the bottom part wavy in order to match the sea waves.
cut white clouds as DAY.
cut dark blue sea and its wave
Looked for cliparts of BIRDS & BUTTERFLIES in the AIR
Looked for cliparts of FISH in the SEA
Looked for cliparts of ANIMALS on LAND, MAN & WOMAN, TREES & FLOWERS
Looked for cliparts of STARS, MOON & SUN

Then I look for a large black piece of paper, enough to cover the entire small magnetic white board
placed magnetic stips behind so it sticks tightly. I laminated all cut-outs items, as well as day by day creation timeline. I assemble all parts and have it within reach of the child.

First we read from the childrens Bible, and then I used the creation timeline as a sequence card to retell the story. I go " On the first day, God created DAY and NIGHT" and my son will pick out the half a white piece of paper to place beside the black background. "On the second day, God created the SKY and the WATER" and my son will pick out the SKY and overlay on the white paper and so on...

And after God made everything, I say, God saw all he had made and he said "It was very good".

The child can play the creation game by himself once we lay the sequence card for him to follow. A great game that also trains observation skills, memory by story sequencing.

Application lesson:
We trace his body outline and tell him that God made him special.