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Friday, May 11, 2012


I am picking up lots of vibes these days... sometimes it intoxicates me and I had to leave that room, or a page if I am online.  Let's say you were in a roomful of smokers even though you are the first to be in the room, you have the power to just l.e.a.v.e.

Restlessness can be a dangerous thing. Next to it is an addiction to restlessness. This article The Last State of the Man is Worse expounds this topic so well. A worthy read.

I won't attempt to re-write what restlessness is all about. All of us feels it to various degree. I am just curious to know if we could actually recognise it, so we could do something about it?

When my son comes to me and say "I'm bored". I tell him, whenever you feel this way, pray and ask the restless spirit to get lost and then go do something that is worthy, good and pleasing to the Lord.

This is the nation of extreme provision, information and yet people are restless, largely discontented and greedy. I felt grief that there is so little peace in a prosperous country. Restlessness comes in form of boredom, anxiety, fear and more specifically looks for the next high, the next novelty, the next sensation a person can possibly get to.  If money was not an issue, than money will get one there.
Be careful what our eyes see, where our feet goes, choose wisely what appetites are we immersing ourselves. One person puts it so wisely, "Our credit card reveals our preoccupation". You have the ability to leave, step out and say no when you feel that the shift in atmosphere is not helping your growth or advancing the kingdom or glorifying God in anyways. Leave. You have the power to do the right thing.

I absolutely think this song is a God sent in such a time as this, listen to the words in the song, "We are restless, until we find rest in him". Indeed, those who finds him, finds rest.

God gives rest to those he love. Get under the wing of the shadow of the most high and.... rest. Shalom!

Here's the great song by Audrey Assad - Restless

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