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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Review of Tots/Pre-schoolers Bible

I wanted to do a review on the Bibles I own, some great, some not so great. Bibles are like clothes we wear, they grow with us and I find myself having to acquire new Bibles simply because of relevance.

When I first had KB, my goal was to read the great word of God, so he can be familiar with us reading the Bible. I also wanted him to love the word, so I got a Bible that rhymes.

This is a small Bible with OT and NT . A sample text reads, Moses said, "Let's start, now go with all your heart!" And the people walked in wonder as God made the waters part."

Suitable for aged 0-2yrs old

(click image to go to Amazon link)

The second Bible we got was a present from our small group.

It was a simple, straight forward Bible that kept close to the original text, with big illustration. I use this for telling Bible stories together with other resources because this Bible does not provide questions or devotional material.

The main draw of this Bible is its big pictures.

Suitable for aged 2-3yrs old.

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Blessings Every Day is a devotional Bible. It is used best to illicit conversation and discussion with children who is able to understand simple Biblical concepts. Yet, if there was a particular habit, character, or concept that I wish to bring across. I would usually use this together with other activities to teach.

The thing with this devotional is that it is meant as a springboard for conversation, I don't always cover every word on one devotion because it turns the child away as it can be too wordy to understand.

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The other thing about this devotional Bible is that it does not come with a content page. It is organised by months and days. So unless you have no specific requirement on going about the topics you want to cover, this would be ideal. I tend to like to cover immediate topics that is developmentally appropriate or needs-based before going onto general topics. So I do find it a little difficult to prepare my teachings ahead.

Suitable for aged 3-5yrs old

The Big Picture Bible is a Bible that is somewhat made simple with big illustration for the very young. It rephrases some words and makes it read like a storybook. Phrases are also short, and simple questions are included for simple conversations.

We use this for Bible stories alone. I did not think this is a Bible that could grow up with the children because I prefer original text.

Their beautifully illustrated picture is certainly a big draw for children as young as 2yrs old.

(click on image to go Amazon link) Suitable for aged 2-4yr old

Toddler Bible comes with a DVD cartoon, so in a way, it is self-explanatory and the story sticks better.

We're no T.V buffs, so when it comes to watching DVD to learn something, we are selective. My tot is only allowed 15mins each viewing, and that is about 2 stories.

(Caution: as a word of caution, parents need to be aware of how addictive TV, or other electronic media. Unsupervised viewing or having TV as a babysitting is a sure way of cultivating addiction)

The good thing about this Bible is that it includes very simple activity to reinforce learning as well as prompters for
parent-tot conversation as each stories brings out relevant
life topics to learn. I like it that I can use this Bible alone or
together with other resources.

Suitable for aged 3-5yrs old.

If anyone has experiences of good Bible and would like to share, pls feel free to comment! Thanks!