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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Not so fun place afterall - enrichment centre review

I was trying to check out a programme for my 10-yr old niece and called up Our fun place.

Me: Hello, is this Our Fun Place

OFP: Yes.

ME: May I make an enquiry?

OFP: Sure.

ME: I’m looking for speech and drama course for 10-yr-old

OFP: yes, we have it on the website you can take a look under speech and drama, the photos, and videos

Me: (clicked speech and drama): Oh but it says from 5-12yrs old, do you group all the children together?

OFP: no, we put same age group together.

Me: So what’s that like? 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s,?

OFP: No, we group them, you can look at the photos on the website, we’re on you tube too.

Me: How do you group them, 5-6, 7-8 ...?

OFP: hm, like 5-7, 10-12.

Me: So what happens with the 7,8,9 yr olds? I am trying to find out the age range here. You know there is a lot of difference in each age group …

OFP: of course …

Me: and are you able to tell me because I am not getting that from you

OFP: (sigh , slightly frustrated), its 5-7, 8-9, 10-12.

Me: I see. So your speech and drama is for 5-days only?

OFP: There’s art, public speaking, singing …

Me: no, no, I’m asking about speech and drama. You mean you have speech and drama for a month-long?

OFP: Er, we can stretch up to 2 wks for you

Me: Oh, you mean you can customise for us, is this a 1-to-1 class or a group?

OFP: It’s a group of course, you can look at our photos on the website, but depends on the demand.

Me: So who is teaching speech and drama

OFP: Professionals.

Me: (????) Of course, professionals are everywhere. I mean who, do you have the name?

OFP: Its on the website, you can refer to it.

Me: (at this point), excuse me, can I maybe speak with the person-in-charge?

OFP(slightly annoyed) I, am the founder.

Me: I see, are you teaching speech and drama?

OFP: No, we get speech and drama experts to teach. The teacher’s profile is all on the website.

Me: I see, so what makes your program so special compared to the other speech and drama programme?

OFP: (pause), we are all-rounded and our class size is small.

Me: how small?

OFP: 10. Oh, that’s it? Ok, thank you.

This is why I think some centres are so profit-centric that they can't be bothered to invest a few minutes to talk to their customers. They seemed to think their customers have all the time to study their website and take in every detail and just walk in and magically register. Parents, don't gloss over great websites with virtually all the information and wonderful photos. If they can't tell you in detail, how great they are, how they think it would benefit your child, I think we can forget about them training our children. The entire time, this lady was trying to sell me her programme without trying to understand my needs. Sorry, this really is a not so fun place afterall.