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Monday, February 15, 2010

Are we pushing academic learning too much too soon for our preschool kid?

Finally! A book that talks about REAL learning for our precious preschool kids.

In a city state where almost every parents are rushing to sign up our kiddos to the best kindergartens or enrichment in town, this will a refreshing and needful guide to how children could enjoy learning rather than cramming academia at a tender age.

She advocates key training areas that includes nurturing a "close, personal relationship within their family and most of all, with the Lord Jesus Christ. "
In this book, she tackles something that busy folks that lead hectic lives tend to overlook. Time with children doing meaningful activities that help nurture that spark.
It is often with the hurried lifestyle, coupled with the pressure that every other kids are doing this and that that we lost focus of what the child really needs and neglect the most important areas.

If you are thinking about homeschooling your preschool kids, this is the book that covers just about what you need for understanding a child's readiness to learn. "A child learns best in natural ways and at his/her own pace."

And because this book was written by a trained professional in secular Child Development and been a prechool teacher (for eight years), we could glean wisdom which we otherwise could not. Still, she chose to homeschool.

This book is a real gem for parents who care for the best, and only the best for their child!

Check it out! Homepreschool and beyond

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About the author:
Susan is an anthor who has has earned both Associate and Bachelor degrees in Child Development, and was a preschool teacher for eight years before the birth of her first child. She has four children of her own, one has graduated from homeschool and moved on to college, one is in High School, and her youngest two are enjoying their early elementary years.

Susan served as the Early Learning Columnist for Home School Enrichment magazine from 2007-2009. She continues to serve the homeschool community as a mentor, first contact for new homeschoolers, author and conference speaker.