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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas - A simple spread

These few months are non-inspirational months. Many serious topics are being raised.

Baby bonus, U.S Election, Financial crunch, Euthanasia. We are just talking about all these in our home. How has it impact the people? What can or are we doing about it?

With Christmas and our baby no.2 arriving next wk (25 Dec maybe?), David & I had our share of workload to clear.

Busy as we may sound, we don't want to lose the spirit of celebration. We celebrate the grace that God gave his son - Jesus. In the name of Christmas, we celebrate his gift. We celebrate that family can get together and remember his love. We celebrate the fact that becuase of this new born babe - Jesus, we can have eternal life.
It is important that we celebrate. We are not ignorant of the fact that there are many out there who may be victims of the financial meltdown, those who are hungry, those who are homeless, those who are living amongst us - urbanites who may be going through tough times, financially or emotionally- we continue to comfort them, help them.

It is important to celebrate the gift that which was given freely and not hold it to ourselves. It is important that we do our part in charity so that those who do not have, can have this gift so that they too can celebrate. It is important that we celebrate, but we celebrate simply. We live simply so others can simply live.

This year Christmas came slightly early for us. Its a simple home-cooked meal, chockful of love. Because our baby is arriving next week, we want to be able to bless others early. Our baby will be born in the season of LOVE. We will always be reminded that Christmas is a time of sharing and giving.