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Monday, March 10, 2008

Coming to San Frans!!!!!


We are coming to San Frans mid of May this year ... love to visit for fellowship, cuppa coffee, visiting bookshops, museum, watch muscials, shopping, yakking, anything!

Show us around if you like to meet some Singaporean frens and our baby of 1yr old.

Tell us if you like something from here too!

Love, David, Sharon & Baby Theo


dr_bristow said...

Hi Sharon,
I live in California, but unfortunately I am south of San Francisco by about a 7 hours drive...otherwise I would love to meet y'all and show you around. If I happen to be up north in May though (unlikely, because it's in the middle of my school quarter), I'll let you know. My friend Laura lives in San Francisco (and, incidentally, also has a one-year-old baby), and I'm sure could give you some recommendations on stuff to see, etc. Here is her blog address if you're interested:

popuri said...

HI Dr Bristow,
how exciting to know that i will be so close to you!!! pls email me your addy! I will check your fren's blog out and hopefully we can meet up and do something tog! take care!

dr_bristow said...

Hi Sharon,
I'd email you my address, but I don't really know your email...let me know what it is here, or leave a comment on my blog...

popuri said...

Hey Dr Bristow,
so nice of you to drop by again. I visited your fren's website and plan to call on her. I hope I'm not intruding tho. I understand how hectic it can be with a baby! meanwhile, we're kinda overwhelm with the check-list that seems endless. travelling with baby feels like moving house! Write to me at hear from you soon and God bless you heaps! hugs, sharon