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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Specialising in Impossibilities

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the spirit that indwells
the unspoken power that heals
O Lord why havent we been able
to walk with greater assurance?

like Peter who walked on water
to see your power here on earth
Perform your miracles

Let the spirit that indwells
do a greater work inside
so that we too can
turn water into wine
heal the sick
let the blind see
the lame walk
set the captives free
so your word says

Heal the sick
the blind see
the lame walk
set the captives free
In Je-sus name
In Je-sus mighty na-me!

set our hearts on fire
Revive our faith
Use us as a vessel
so that we reveal Jesus

Set our eyes on you
so that we forget ourselves
we turn to you
say YES to your every ways

Open our ears
so they may be quick to obey
respond to your word
we may shout like you did "stand up and walk!"

People of God
Arise, Arise
we serve a God of possibilities!


e-Mom said...

Well said: We serve a God of possibilities! I hope your pregnancy is going well. You're in an exciting time of growth and transition.

popuri said...

hello e-mom,
baby & tummy both growing. I however am feeling lousy, stuck in a job that is meaningless and no where to run. :(

Anonymous said...

Keep it going! Sometimes, we may just need to see things from another perspective. :) Keep being joyful!

dr_bristow said...

I hope you're doing well and that your pregnancy is going well! I'm praying for you. God bless your day!