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Saturday, July 30, 2005


Speaking of ulcer, surely it must been quite a natural association with pain & discomfort.
I had an awful one last month, right underneath my tongue , at the exact spot where my vein is.
The pain is excruciating. Every word I try to utter is with much effort. Even simple movement like swallowing my saliva required courage! What made the experience worse, is that I had a similiar ulcer growth some time back and it took nearly 2 wks to heal. So I was really fearful and worried for this one. I began to pray frantically for God to heal me. For 15 min I commanded the ulcer to go away in Jesus name. I also got my church friends to pray for me. Within 3 days, the ulcer miraculously shrank and the pain also reduced drastically. In 5 days, the ulcer was completely gone.
God showed me that when I pray, a miracle is already happening, although I do not see complete healing immediately. What matters is that I continue to trust him and he will bring the work to completion. [Refer to the Biblical principles found in crossing of Jordan River]

Recently, I had an ulcer again. This time it is a tiny ulcer on the tip of my tongue. This time I didn't pray for healing as the pain was within tolerable limits. However, 3 days passed and it has not subsided. I decide that it is time to pray for God to heal me. As I did, I realised that the position of this ulcer had prevented me to use my tongue to dislodge food that was tucked in between my teeth. As a result, there are bits of food left in between which I had to floss religiously after each meal. God showed me that although a tongue is small, its usage is great. Just like how my tongue was used to do a "quality check" (QC), dislodge unwanted food stuck inbetween, I should also do a QC in the ways I speak to build others up. The tongue is great, it can tear down or it can build up.

Isnt it so easy to ignore the inconvenience that seemes so small in our lives? Sometimes however, the inconveniences scream so loud we simply cannot ignore it. God showed me that he can speak to us through different situations so that we can turn our attention to him. When we do, he began to show me not to belittle the small things in life, and more importantly not to belittle him. An ulcer can has helped me experience God's miraculous healing as an ulcer is also helping in my character building. When we turn our face towards God, things changed!


Silent Lucidity... said...

its amazing how God uses simple day to day things like an ulcer to teach us his ways.. haaa. glad u hv increase yr understanding of god to another level :)