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Monday, May 23, 2005


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When I was in Jakarta with David & our mums after our wedding, we went to a small town in a car. We had the family chauffeur who faithfully took our luggage to our resort rooms and then he himself reclined at the carpark porch where the chauffeur’s quarter was. I was curious as I have never seen a villa built like that, so took a peak into the quarter. What I saw was a neat, unassuming space, with a simple bed, basin for washing etc. I wondered why can’t the chauffeur come into the resort villa to take a room beside us? David told me that even if we were to invite him, he will still refuse as he knew where he belongs.

The next morning, he was up and ready much earlier than us. He cleaned the car and was waiting for us by the porch. That in essence summed up servanthood. Up till today, the experience is still etched deeply in my heart. In today’s model of servant leadership anywhere, leaders are often given privileges and in many instances served by hands & lips of men. Yet how rare it is when a leader refuses a position of privileges and power just to serve men instead without a tinge of hypocrisy. You see, the world has a very good way to turning upside down what God has instituted; so the model of servanthood is too often turned topsy by the world. Servanthood takes a deliberate step to turn hierarchy right side up. Servantleaders are the ones right at the bottom rung serving those above.

When I remembered the chauffer and his unassuming ways, I remembered that he not only recognized his responsibilities, he knew how to give all that is better for whom he serve. When I remembered how the chauffer would have chosen to refuse a place of privilege, I remembered he knew he was called for a purpose of servanthood and not the other way round – very much like Moses who followed God’s purpose over princely privileges. When I remembered the chauffer waking up early and getting his car ready for us, I remembered that waiting upon others with whatever possessions we have is indeed the beauty of an abundant heart of giving & act of humility.


Rags said...

I feel the same way about our helper Yanti. She is a servant and a great model of servanthood.